Energy concept

Currently the energy-self-sufficiency coefficient as the ratio between regional energy demand and regional renewable energy generated is about 75%. Energy demand encloses electricity, heat and fuels. Especially the production of electricity (49.3 GWh/y) exceeds by far the demand (14.4 GWh/y; surplus of 34.9 GWh/y).Thus the energy-self-sufficiency index for electricity is 343%. Heat demand accounts for 47.9 GWh/y, with 26.3 GWh/y locally produced using regional renewable resources: thus the energy-self-sufficiency index for heat is currently 55%.

So far renewable fuel has not been produced in Kötschach-Mauthen (39.6 GWh/y fuel demand). The potentials of regional resources for additional energy production are presented in the energy balance for 2020 developed by Asteenergy (Krumpendorf, Carinthia). The potentials of regional energy production are: 7.3 GWh/y electricity, 27.3 GWh/y heat (mainly from biomass) and 5.2 GWh/y fuel (biogas with natural gas quality); in total a potential of 39.8 GWh/y. With additionally energy saving potentials realised an energy-self-sufficiency coefficient of 130% in total could be reached. Energy saving potentials account for 2 GWh/y electricity and heat and 9 GWh/y fuel. These are very ambitious goals, but by participation of all relevant stakeholders and the population they could be achieved.

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